Platform: IRC
RPG : Medieval Fantasy, dice-bot, character sheet enforced, customizable.

Or simply roleplay now!:*

Channel: #Aegle_Waygate

Like the Owl’s wrath stood towering peaks; the horizon rarely shown between drooping gorge o’ swaging willow limbs and nestled in the establishment brilliantly from the roadside travelers eye. Far, far in distance does it exist out of the pleasantry of civilization. When merriment passed innocent lips and stilled them perpetually; only soon to rival a sense of belonging, drawling crowds of lurkers- by hearsay, they gathered here: Endow Moors Tavern, upon the thorn-thickened forest within Lavellan. ‘Tis a dangerous place for the clandestine, yes, and they well know what costs it brings, although being a highly guarded expansion. No somber romantic story weaves the tapestries, or haunting from the past ordeals. Infact, it seems as nothingness, broken – Spring forgetting to bring splendorous aura amid the seasonal changing. Sea-dredged monuments, such as a lone statue, bearing the resemblance of an underlord God centers the Courtyard, inscribed beneath moss laden and eroded marble therein Gaelic tongue: "A’d acras adhlac" or “In thy hungers burial.” Many who have translated keep the words to themselves, in fear of what the prophecy could bespeak, the otherlings too feared. The paths worn, mapped – word spreads almost as easily as the traditions themselves; in only the most shrouded of havens in attempts to bury myth. And oH how it entrenches itself into the hearts of lesser men…


Events & Quests are posted on the site calendar.

DMs: Azreal, Midway & Aegle
*RPG: *Dicebot, Character Sheet, Medieval Fantasy, customizable.

#Aegle_Journey – Dungeon/quest channel.
#Aegle_Lands – Marketplace and general wilderness RP.
#Aegle_Temple – Temple for weddings, funerals, ressurections and general cleric place of worship.

What we’re looking for:

These are subject to change under advancement, change and future requirements to balance the Aegle Waygate atmosphere. Aegle Waygate is a dice-bot, character sheet enforced Medieval Fantasy Roleplaying Game that puts customization in the hands of the player. It is an inspiration of two RPGs the co-creator and I once played, combined with additional flare and personal touches that make it distinguishing and remarkable by contrast. You want your hero or villain to make their mark in the land of Lavellan! Its history to emit with their very names. Plunder, browse, disrupt the serenity—go on; we dare you—and welcome it fully! Counter-part your players, turn the land of Lavellan into rivalry, into sheer madness—or a jester’s playground!

Out of Character

Players looking for an environment of high adventure, fantasy and intense roleplay scenarios. Aegle has approximately 12 years of online, IRC RPing granted us an appreciation for Medieval Fantasy freeform as well. Such freeform characters are always welcome. Freeform is an essential part of the in-between dungeon quests and raids. We seek constant OOC cooperation and coordination to develop ideas to enrich each involving party’s IC life.

We’re looking for rpers who want to roleplay. who want to interact icly, advance ic story plots and explore the world of Lavellan, willingly. We want those who take real interest in roleplay. Rpers who are frequent and with adequate time to attend quests/events. Simply put- what you put into the game itself, will be reflected on your progress and special bonuses! We definitely reward indepth characterization and recognize side-quests, tavern-mode RP, and off-channel storylines. Discuss it with your GM to find out more; the options are limitless!

ROLE-PLAY EXP RATE: *(subject to change and alterations due to performance)
: 30xp

In Character
Drama, theatrics and plots—these all add flavor, spice and an overall charm to your individual character. We admire lengthy storylines and plots, which in posts – give a further insight to your character’s daily life and their unique contrasts in the gaming community. Tell US your story! We want to hear! We are most eager to promote your character’s villainy, their heroic traits—or sly endeavors!

The staff will go to lengths to cooperate with players/mun’s to help them register, have their character approved, and modified to suit the Aegle Waygate environment.

Aegle Waygate is always looking for GMs to host events, quests and so on. Times and schedules differ, and we at Aegle Waygate understand this and this is why we have devised a forum option for lost EXP/QUESTS due to timezones, or time constrains in reality. You’ll need to discuss it with the GMs for further information regarding the optional forum session, but all in all we’re aiming for a wide-base of hosts to cover all time-zone differences.

All forms of alignments are permitted within the RPG. Enemies, lovers, friends, victims, etc—etc. There are no OOC enforcement of how your character should interact ICly, just a warning of their consequences. This does not apply to the ‘thoughts’ of characters, as no characters’ are capable of reading or discerning the minds in question. Character’s alignments cannot be revealed in that manner.


We at Aegle Waygate are in pursuit of some cartographers interested in creating their personal rendition of the Lavellan Realm Map. This is a volunteer project, and in no way affects the player base in any manner. It is not a requirement to participate.


Any materials you prefer, or programs to sketch/draw the map is completely within your creative realm to develop. I have used cartrographer 2, with an icon/element packet on occasions to master the one used for the realm standard. An earlier occasion, I created another in Photoshop CS2. There is a myraid of online materials free for use online,such as — do ‘map’ searches in Resources > Photoshop Brushes, etc. If you need further help with gathering materials, please contact – or shoot Leilani a PM on IRC. Gimp is also a free program, which is free, and I believe photoshop brushes are compatible with it, as well. It’s definitely a cheaper alternative. Drawn/scanned maps are equally welcomed, as well!


All landmarks which are illustrated, refer to the map here.

Unfortunately, you may not add new landmarks or regions, but this does not include general landscapes/mountain regions or even woodland areas.

Time length: August 21st is the deadline for this project. Use it wisely.


The GMs of Aegle Waygate staff will be judging the maps entered into the contest, after the deadline expires. Some of the premises for judging the entries are:

Credibility and likeness to the LANDMARKS upon the original map. (Not the platform/style, etc).

Creative direction, artistic quality, and also unique contrasts.

The GMs will also be participating, but they’re not permitted to judge


Note: All maps will be featured into the map gallery, but prizes vary.

  • 1st place*

Not only will your map be posted on the map page featured on the website(with your character’s link/bio/page), but there is also a gallery being set into motion, and yours will be featured therein!

500 EXP

500 GOLD

+1 stat to any item of your choosing, and you can determine it’s name. Such as, “Svelta’s Stitches” is a gown Svelta was permitted to create.

  • 2nd place*

Random grab bag item. The player will be rolling random numbers to shuffle amongst a big GM bag for goodies. ^_~! A GM plushie of your choosing.

100 EXP

100 GOLD

3rd place

Random grab bag item. The player will be rolling random numbers to shuffle amongst a big GM bag for goodies. ^_~! A GM plushie of your choosing.

50 EXP


Aegle Waygate